Saturday, 20 August 2016

The Chinese Sex Trade Through History

Wherever you go in the world there is a sex industry. The nature of it varies, the style of it adapts to local tastes, the way it operates might be very different according to local norms and history. But is is always there. And according to historians and to the writers of the past it has always been there. It therefore seems fair to assume that there will always be a market for people to buy (well, usually rent) the sexual services of other human beings.

So I thought it would be worth doing a couple of articles looking at the history of the business in various parts of the world. The best place to begin is probably the home of the longest surviving uninterrupted culture, China. Well, uninterrupted if one ignores the barbaric and evil years of Mao´s reign especially the various Cultural Revolutions.

In China during three thousand years of Imperial times, no matter what dynasty was in power or where they had originated from (most of the Chinese Emperors throughout history were not, in fact, Chinese, they came in conquered, and just took their head at the top of the bureaucracy) the sex trade was seen as a perfectly acceptable way for a family to support themselves, though the manner was, I suppose was we would now call human trafficking.

Chinese Pillow books pulled no punches
Poor parents would literally sell their prettiest daughters to the owners of brothels as children, and they would then be brought up in the environment and become active prostitutes. We would now be horrified at the ages at which this happened to the young girls and cry paedophilia. But before we do so we should recall that most people only lived to be forty and that at the same time in Tudor England girls married at thirteen and became full adults able to inherit property at the age of fourteen.

Every village had its House. Every town had several, and frequenting them was not seen as in anyway negative or seedy. It was just a fact of life and often the Houses were actually the centre of cultural life as well, as this was where the musicians worked and practised between the yearly festivals. This persisted through to the mid twentieth century when, for good or ill, Chiang Kai Shek lost to the Communists and the country became rules by Mao.

And in art, sexual technique was taught, celebrated and probably masturbated to in the form of the many and beautiful "pillow books" that are a staple of the modern auction house scene.

Through the years of the Chairman's reign prostitution was seen as illegal and immoral. Except, of course, for the twelve and thirteen year old virgins supplied most night for the Chairman himself to sustain his vigour. Vicious murdering old hypocrite that he was.

Modern China, especially the big centres of commerce such as Shanghai are subject to a pretty much anything goes culture. Brothels are everywhere, every nightclub is filled with girls willing to rent their favours to prosperous gentlemen and marrying a former escort is in no way seen as a negative, as long as she is retired, cultured and beautiful.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Sexy Style In Marbella & Ibiza

Ibiza and Marbella are fun places to hang out. No doubt about it. It is easy to understand why people travel from so many different locales around the globe to spend time in these two very different towns. And, of course, they attract very different visitors and residents. And those different visitors require rather different people and services to support them.

sexy escort ibiza shorts on rocks
Sexy. But not an escort.
Marbella is entirely about the visible. It is designer brands, flashing the cash and being ostentatious. Everybody does their best to bring the bling. On the streets and roads there are Ferraris, Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Rolls Royces all over the place. Top end customised Mercedes and BMW are everywhere. There are even a smattering of Bugatti Veyrons to be seen (and heard) every summer.

Women hit the beach in full make up and perfectly coiffed wearing 6 inch flatforms. Nothing but a full set of jewellery and accessories will do. And designer handbags are absolutely required. And when the night comes, then the bling and glamour level goes up several notches from there.

And where the glamour level is that high all the time, the people who work to service those visitors and residents has to be suitable and fitting. The hotel and bar staff are always beautifully turned out with great hair and terrific tans. The d├ęcor everywhere is stylish, chic and expensive.

sexy marbella escort daisy duke shorts
Not an escort. Hot though.
And every single Marbella escort that services the male visitors to Marbella and the Costa del Sol needs to be up to the mark in terms of glamour and bling. So among the Brazilian, Spanish and English girls working in Marbella and Puerto Banus the sexy style is a joy to behold; tight bandage dresses, high heels are practically a uniform. The sexiest escorts Marbella can offer are staggeringly glamorous at all times.

Ibiza is a very different. Hippy chic. Boho style. Sexy, relaxed and fit looking women everywhere. Ibiza is not somewhere that you flash the cash. Driving a Lambo down the street does not draw admiring glances. It just makes you look like a prick.

Ibiza is about partying and chilling. But leave the bling at home. There are no designer shops on Ibiza, no Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Tom Ford. No high end car dealers to be seen anywhere. The five star hotels such as the Gran Hotel or Destino do not collect and chauffeur their clients around in limousines (stretch or otherwise). They use Mercedes Benz people movers and Range Rovers. Top end vehicles with blacked out rear windows. But discreet and understated.

Likewise, high class Ibiza escorts are understated and discreet. No bling! Six inch stripper heels are purely for inside the bedroom, as wearing them outside in the clubs and hotels just mark you out as a working girl. To be the best escort Ibiza has ever seen means fitting in and being a stunning, desirable and sexy “girlfriend” without looking like the kind of girl who is rented by the hour.